With the US 40th anniversary of the moon landing today, I thought it would be neat to look at our esteem competition. Whether they were truly in a race is probably debatable. With 40 years to look back, the information has certainly crept out. See the link below:

Actually they had a pretty robust, if not kind of scary way to the moon. Interesting to see if things would have turned out differently if the Russians has actually landed on the moon as well. Would we have carried on? Would things kept going? Would we be on Mars today if the Soviets had kept pace with us? It will be weird someday to look back at these two countries dueling it out in the skies above us. Too bad we had to go all out to win and not take anything away from it. A tremendous ego driven goal that probably set us back rather than spring us forward. Our space program today is but a mockery of what we accomplished. In 400 years I am sure we will be like Portugal, first out of the gate to search the New World but ultimately a nonplayer when it came to truly ruling the high seas.

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