Joshua Foer - Moonwalking with Einstein

My token out on the limb non fiction book for the year to follow in the footsteps of Gladwell, Ariety, and Talib.  Fascinating account of a journalist who decided not to just write about the memory Olympics but to actually take the steps to compete and  in the end actually he does quite well.  Bizarre competition but a fascinating account of memory, techniques, and what memory is.  Tried for the life of me to remember names of people I meet and it is still hard.  Problem is coming up with a something that sticks long enough for it to pop back up when I re-meet them.  Also I wonder if the playing card deck memorization would help at all in a game like Bridge where card remembering is actually quite important if you want to be good. 

Page 166, "memorize decks of playing cards in much the same way, using a PAO system in which each of the 52 cards is associated with its own person/action/object image.  This allows any triplet of cards to be combined into a single image, and for a full deck to be condensed into just 18 unique images (52 dived by 3 is 17, with one card left over)"

Page 268, "What I had really trained my brain to do, as much as to memorize, was to be more mindful, and to pay attention to the world around me.  Remembering can only happen if you decide to take notice."

Page 281 - Notes Section,   "Papyrus, the literal bulrushes of the biblical "ark of bulrushes" that carried the baby Moses, was also called byblos, after the Phoenician port of Byblos where it was exported- hence the "Bible"

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