Walter Jon Williams - This is Not a Game

This book came about because of an impulse buy at an airport.  Think maybe I've read a Williams book (wow looked up his wikipedia page, and I read one of his first works, Hardwired, way back in 1986!) and I guess those marketing genius earned their pay on this one because the cover was interesting enough to make me buy it.  Story was OK, nothing spectacular.  Looking back at the structure I really wonder what the first quarter of the book really meant.  It seemed like it got thrown into the book but then really didn't have any connection to the rest of the book.  It was just kind of confusing to me and thus the overall book just didn't do much for me.  Interestingly there are two follow on books to this.  While I liked the main character I really don't think I could muddle through two more novels plus to be frank the concept has been done better by Wm Gibson.

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