Haiku #6.1 (Red Card Red)

Haiku #6.1 was a recipe from The Best of Brew You Own magazine and was a St. Rogue Red Ale clone (page 36).  The purpose of this brew was to test reproducibility:

1) 1.4 lb 2 Row Pale Malt
2) 0.2 lb Munich Malt
3) 0.2 lb Crystal Malt (15 deg L)
4) 0.2 lb Crystal Malt (40 deg L)
5) 0.2 lbs Crystal Malt (75 deg L) 
6) 0.4 oz Warrior Pellet Hops (15.8% AA) [change]
7) White Labs WLP001 California Ale (Liquid)

Used StarSan sanitizer.

The Mash
Heated 2.5 quarts (10 cups) of water (refrigerator water which is carbon filtered) to 155 deg F.  Add grain and mixed.  Cooked for 60 minutes at 154-160 deg F.  

The Sparge
Heated additional 4 quarts of water (refrigerator water) to boiling then transferred to gallon fermentation jug.  Set up the strainer over the second pot and added the hot grain mash.  Then poured the heated water from the jug over the grains and into the second pot.  Once done recirculated the wort back through the grain once more into the original pot.

The Boil
Heated the wort until it began to boil at approximately 210 deg F.  This was done with just the middle heat on the inside burner on my stove.  Boil lasted 90 minutes with 0.2 oz of Hops at the 90 min to go for the boil then added the remaining 0.2 oz with 0 minutes to go.  

The Fermentation
Placed the brew pot into the sink with ice allowing the temperature to decrease to 70 deg F. Poured wort into a funnel filter into fermentor.  After the fermentor was full, the yeast was added and throughly mixed to aerate the liquid.  Note:  Liquid yeast is designed for 5 gallon batches.  This time did not shake the yeast but opened slowly and mixed with a tooth pick.  Still difficult to determine exact amount of yeast was added.

The yeast began fermentation.  I was traveling the day of fermentation so do not have confirmation that a good burp because.  When I left it was just starting to have a positive CO2 push.  Primary fermentation lasted for about 30 hours.  Transferred beer to the basement and put in the airlock.  Allowed to sit for 2 weeks.

The Bottling
Used bottling sugar and dissolved this in 1/4 cup of water, I siphoned the beer into a pot and then bottled into 5 x bomber bottles (~650 mL).  Allowed to sit for another 2 weeks.

The Tasting
Opened and tried on 6/7/12. Good carbonation.  Similar to Haiku #6 although not as good.  Good color and flavor, little too bitter, not a great aftertaste.   

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