William Gibson - Zero History

Book Three in William Gibson's Blue Ant or Big End Trilogy.  This trilogy really put Gibson back.  If I had to guess writing the books immediately following his Sprawl trilogy were difficult and were my least favorite.  With the Big End trilogy I really think he hit his stride again.  Read my impressions of Book Two here.  Pretty much the same thoughts.  I liked Spook Country the best.  The ideal of containers moving around the globe intrigued me.  This was about military clothing and a secret underground clothes designer was an intriguing idea but the chase and the bad guys were kind of silly.

As always the good quotes:

Page 57 - "He remembered Bigend saying they were a symptom of autoimmune disease, the state's protective mechanisms 'roiling up into something actively destructive, chromic; watchful eyes, eroding the healthy function of that which they ostensibly protected." - Gibson's view of London's ever expanding camera network...

Page 133 - "A cross between Grand Central and the atrium of the Brown Palace, Denver, structures aimed heroically into futures that had never really happened." - You know I have never been in the Brown Palace!

Page 207 "Soviet M-125-3MN Fialka cipher machine" - This thing existed.

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