Alexis Smith - Glaciers

Sometimes a book will just sneak up on you.  I believe this book was a freebie in my Powell's "Indispensables" subscription.  Small little book I happened to take with me on a trip to Alaska.  Read through all the other books I brought and saved this one for the plane trip back to the Lower 48.  Flying to and from Alaska is prime reading time!  Anyhoo as things happen the main character in the book grew up in Alaska and there were references in the book to where I had just come from!  Strange how things like this happen.  As mentioned it was a quick read.  Finished it on the entire flight.  Love when you take a break from the page you glance out your window and see the cloulds!  All in all a marvelous little read.   Great characters and a very touching ending.  Amazing sometimes to happen upon a book that is unassuming that finds the right bottons to push inside your brain.  Somewhere along the way the author's email was found and I sent along a note.  The response is below:

"Thanks for picking up Glaciers (at just the right moment). You're actually the second person to write to tell me about reading the book on a plane ride. I love hearing about where and how people read Glaciers: it helps me envision it out in the world, in the hands of real people. The image of it flying around the country with people is particularly delightful. Thanks for taking the time to tell me about your experience. I really appreciate it.


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