Haruki Murakami - 1Q84

Whew that was a read!  Started way back in November 2011, I had to read this book in spurts which is probably OK because it was published in three separate books in Japan.  Overall a pretty typical Murakami book.  Great characters thrown into a world much like ours and much not like ours.  This one actually did have the characters playing in an alternative Earth, one with two moons.  You can always count on the bizarre coming across as quite normal to Murakami. I wonder if that is a Japanese thing or if the translation brings this out as well.  Overall while I enjoyed the book I thought it could have been told without all the extra fluff.  I mean it was basically a love story which took close to 1,000 pages for the young lovers to finally connect.  In between was a whole lot bizarrenesss but perhaps that was what Murakami was trying for.  That love is hard especially in a world with two moons...
Page 441 "What people need is beautiful, comforting stores that make them feel as if their lives have some meaning.  Which is where religion comes from."

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